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Landscape contractors can now offer their clients an eco-friendly alternative to boring traditional paving systems such as asphalt, concrete and pavers.

SOLEDRIVE confined and stabilized crushed stone surfacing system is a rigid, permeable paving system suitable for all types of pedestrian applications, cycle paths and low speed vehicular traffic ≤40km/h such as parking lots and driveways. SOLEDRIVE system provides structural ground reinforcement with stabilized aggregate infill.


Paving applications having high stiffness-to-weight  or  strength-to-weight  ratios requirements can now find an eco-friendly solution.

While providing a natural stone finish, SOLEDRIVE also allows the surface to be stabilized and entirely permeable.


Specifically designed for driveways and commercial parking lots -

High load bearing capacity -

Eco-friendly solution for erosion control and stability issues -

Long life at low maintenance cost. -

Excellent water drainage -

Used in SUDS and LEED compliant paving installations -

Quick and easy to install -

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