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Eco-friendly solution for pathway, sidewalk, tree pit, cycle path

UV Stone surface finished top layer provide good resistance against aggressive environments.

Long life at low maintenance cost.

Excellent water drainage.

Used in SUDS and LEED compliant paving installations.


Combining advanced geogrid technology with the timeless beauty of natural stones, SOLEPAVE is an attractive and innovative structural design concept in the paving industry. Geogrid beneficial strength-to-weight and stiffness-to-weight ratios compared to any other paving reinforcing materials and configurations are unmatched.


Designed with three key parts: the cell confinement grid, SOLUV binder and SOLEGUARD protective surface coating. The combination of these 3 unique items creates a product that is aesthetically pleasing, eco-friendly, strong, stiff, 100% porous, wheelchair accessible and allows flexibility in design.


Since rigidity is required to prevent structural soil instability, the cell confinement grid is particularly well suited to applications where the loading conditions are conducive to rutting or sinking problems.

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